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After visiting Smith and Western in Horsham, I was thoroughly impressed. This Wild West-themed restaurant blends traditional American cuisine with a family-friendly atmosphere, making it a unique dining experience. With its engaging décor, diverse menu including favourites like the Cowboy Steak and the special Birthday Belly Buster dessert, and a warm environment for kids, it’s a delightful spot for food lovers and families. The recent move to East Street has only enhanced its appeal, solidifying its status as a critical player in Horsham’s culinary and community scene.

A Culinary Adventure in the Wild West

Smith and Western in Horsham

I’m excited to share my experience at Smith and Western in Horsham, a place that’s not just about tantalising your taste buds but also about transporting you to a different era. This is a restaurant where each meal is an adventure set against the backdrop of the Wild West.

Smith & Western’s Unique Concept

When I visited Smith & Western in Horsham with my brother and his family, who were over from Australia, it was an experience I won’t forget. We chose Smith and Western not only for its food but also for the destination itself. The American-themed cowboy restaurant is child-friendly and effortlessly caters to the little ones with colouring stencils and pencils on the table and cowboy hats, making it an ideal spot for family dining.

The décor, with its rustic wooden interiors, cowboy hats and boots adorning the walls, and the classic Western tunes playing in the background, is exhilarating. Dining here is akin to being part of a Western movie. The authenticity of the décor, from the bar stools to the wall hangings, creates an exciting and nostalgic ambience.

This attention to detail in simulating the American frontier sets Smith & Western apart, making it a unique culinary destination in Horsham. It was more than a meal; it was a delightful journey into a bygone era, one my Nan used to enjoy as she grew on John Wayne movies and called them “bang bangs.” It’s an experience that resonated well with both the adults and children.

The Evolution of Smith & Western

The story of Smith and Western is as captivating as its theme. Since its inception in 1995, it has grown from a single restaurant to a small chain across the South East of England.

Over the years, Smith & Western has expanded, opening its doors in various locations, each carrying the same signature Wild West vibe. The journey of Smith & Western is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to quality and its ability to offer a consistent yet unique dining experience. The chain’s growth, including establishing the Horsham restaurant, reflects a dedication to bringing the spirit of the American West to every diner.

2021 marked a significant milestone for Smith and Western in Horsham, moving from North Parade to East Street. This relocation was more than just a change of address; it represented an evolution in the restaurant’s journey. The new East Street location boasts a larger dining area, accommodating more guests and enhancing the overall dining experience.

One of the highlights of the new location is the revamped breakfast menu featuring hearty American classics like pancakes. These changes demonstrate Smith & Western’s commitment to maintaining and elevating the diner’s experience. The larger space and menu upgrades at East Street indicate the restaurant’s dedication to growth and improvement, ensuring that each visit is memorable.

• • •

A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

The menu at Smith and Western in Horsham combines American outback culinary tradition with a dash of innovative flair. I found their menu a perfect blend. The American classics are there, each with a unique Smith & Western twist, making them stand out in the crowded world of themed dining.

American Classics Reimagined

Nacho Platter

The Famous Nacho Platter is a showstopper, and rightly so. It’s a mountain of crisp nachos, generously laden with cheese, jalapeños, salsa, and sour cream. Every bite is a perfect mix of crunch and flavour – a testament to the classic Tex-Mex staple. But what caught my attention was their BBQ ribs. These are not just ribs; they are fall-off-the-bone tender, slathered in a house-made BBQ sauce that’s sweet and tangy. The ribs are a hearty nod to traditional American barbecue.

Signature Dishes and Specials

Each dish at Smith & Western in Horsham is not just a meal; it’s a chapter of a story steeped in the Wild West tradition. Take, for instance, the Cowboy Steak. This hearty dish is more than just a cut of meat; Cooked to juicy perfection, it embodies the spirit of the Wild West with every bite.

The Buffalo Chicken Wings, glazed with a Southern Comfort-inspired sauce, offer a delightful fusion of spicy, sweet, and tangy flavours, making them irresistibly addictive. These unique touches elevate the dishes from mere meals to memorable experiences.

Let’s not forget the sides that accompany these stars of the menu. The perfectly seasoned and crisped curly fries are a side dish that complements any main course with their playful twist and satisfying crunch.

Belly Buster

And for those celebrating a special occasion or simply looking to indulge, the Birthday Special Belly Buster is a showstopper. Imagine a bowl loaded with decadent chocolate fudge cake, colourful M&Ms, and fluffy marshmallows smothered in rich hot chocolate sauce. This dessert is a dream come true for those with a sweet tooth and is topped with creamy vanilla ice cream and a dollop of whipped cream. Dishes like these make dining at Smith & Western an unforgettable experience reminiscent of the indulgence and excitement of saloon dining in the Wild West.

Quality That Speaks Volumes

What impresses me the most is the quality of the ingredients. Smith & Western doesn’t compromise on this front. The freshness of the produce, the quality of the meats, and the homemade sauces add layers of flavour that elevate each dish from good to great.

• • •

Catering to All Ages and Occasions

One of the most charming aspects of Smith & Western in Horsham is its family-friendly vibe. It’s where all ages can come together and enjoy a meal in a fun and welcoming environment.

A Treat for the Little Ones

The Mini Miners Kids Menu is a hit among the younger crowd. With kid-sized portions of BBQ ribs, chicken nuggets, and mac ‘n’ cheese, it’s clear that children are as valued here as their adult counterparts. As a parent, I find this focus on children’s dining options thoughtful and inclusive. It’s refreshing to see a restaurant that caters so well to families.

Family-Friendly Facilities and Services

Beyond the menu, Smith & Western in Horsham provides facilities and services that make dining with children a breeze. The welcoming staff, comfortable seating, and a casual atmosphere ensure that families feel at home. Whether it’s a special occasion or a casual family outing, the restaurant is equipped to provide a memorable experience for guests of all ages.

Celebrating with Style

Take Margarita Mondays, for example. It’s not just about enjoying a complimentary margarita; it’s about the vibrant atmosphere it creates. The buzz on these evenings is palpable, making the start of the week something to look forward to. Then there are the Happy Hours when the saloon truly comes alive.

These events and occasions more than provide good value; they enhance the overall dining experience. They create a sense of community among diners, a feeling that you’re part of something special. These little touches make Smith & Western more than just a restaurant – it’s a place where dining becomes a celebration.

• • •

Community Engagement and Local Impact

Smith and Western - Entrance

Smith & Western’s engagement with the Horsham community is evident through its participation in local events and collaborations with other businesses, such as sponsoring the town’s football team. As a diner and a resident, I’ve noticed how the restaurant often becomes a gathering place for various community activities, strengthening its ties with the locals.

Boosting Local Tourism and Business

The restaurant’s unique theme and consistent quality have made it a landmark in Horsham, attracting visitors from outside the area; this influx of people benefits Smith & Western and boosts local businesses and tourism. The ripple effect underscores the restaurant’s significant impact on the local economy.

• • •

Customer Experiences

A Must visit in Horsham

The reputation of Smith & Western in Horsham is reflected in the reviews and feedback it receives. As someone who often turns to reviews for recommendations, I find the feedback I have read in compiling this article for Smith & Western to be overwhelmingly positive.

From online review platforms to social media, customers praise the restaurant for its unique ambience, quality food, and excellent service. The positive experiences diners share underscore the restaurant’s ability to deliver high standards consistently.

Diners often mention the fun atmosphere and the friendly staff, highlighting the restaurant’s success in creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment.

• • •

A Must-Visit Landmark in Horsham

Reflecting on my many experiences at Smith & Western in Horsham, I am compelled to share my wholehearted recommendation of this remarkable restaurant. It’s not just the delicious food, the unique Wild West theme, or the engaging events that make it unique; combining all these elements creates an unforgettable dining experience.

Whether you’re a fan of American classics, looking for a family-friendly dining spot, or simply searching for a unique and lively atmosphere, Smith & Western caters to all.

I encourage you to visit Smith & Western in Horsham. Immerse yourself in its captivating theme, eat as much as possible, enjoy the fun and welcoming staff and get into that cowboy spirit.

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Where can I find the restaurant?

26 East Street, Horsham, West Sussex. RH12 1HL

01403 264927