Here we dive into Business Software, the cornerstone of operational efficiency in today’s digital era. We examine a range of applications, from essential office tools to sophisticated data analytics platforms, understanding their pivotal role in streamlining business processes.

The world of Apps offers a dynamic landscape, constantly evolving with the latest tech trends. We explore how these digital solutions are reshaping businesses, enhancing customer engagement, and driving innovation. Our focus extends to the masterminds behind these technologies, the Leaders and Founders, whose visions and decisions are crafting the future of industries. Their stories offer invaluable lessons and insights into navigating the tech business world.

Fund Raising is another critical aspect we delve into, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities in securing investments in the tech sector. We cover everything from startup seed funding to large-scale venture capital investments, providing a roadmap for entrepreneurs seeking financial support.

Our exploration of Companies spotlights how organizations of various sizes are leveraging technology for sustainable growth and competitive advantage. We examine case studies of companies that have successfully integrated technology into their core operations, setting benchmarks in their respective industries.

Finally, the concept of Growth in the tech world is scrutinized, uncovering strategies and practices that lead to successful scaling. We look at how companies maintain momentum in the fast-paced world of technology, from startups to established enterprises.

“Business and Tech” is more than just a hub; it’s a guide and a companion for anyone eager to understand the complexities and opportunities at the convergence of business and technology.

Who is this series aimed at

Tech Entrepreneurs

Individuals who are launching or planning to start their own tech-based businesses. They seek insights on the latest trends, tools, and strategies to build and grow their ventures effectively in the digital landscape.

Tech Professionals

Individuals across various industries who have a keen interest in technology and its business applications. They aim to stay updated with the latest technological advancements and learn how these can be leveraged for professional growth and operational efficiency in their respective fields.

Business Executives

Senior executives or managers in established companies who are responsible for driving digital transformation and innovation. They look for practical case studies, leadership strategies, and analyses of emerging technologies to stay competitive and lead their organizations successfully through digital change.


Business Software

We delve into the vital tools that power modern enterprises. From customer relationship management systems to advanced analytics platforms, this segment uncovers how the right software can revolutionise business operations, enhance decision-making, and drive significant growth.

Business Software


In the “Mobile Apps” subtopic, we focus on both emerging and existing applications that are making waves in the business and tech world. This segment offers a look at innovative new apps breaking ground, alongside established ones continually evolving to meet modern demands.



Creating the “Business and Tech” content hub is a culmination of my passion and experience in the digital world. I’m Anthony Basker, a seasoned digital strategist and innovator, with a rich background in guiding businesses through the complexities of modern technology. Having founded and led successful digital ventures like Ronins, I’ve witnessed firsthand how technology can transform businesses.

My purpose here is simple yet profound: to pass on the knowledge I’ve accumulated, inspire others in their digital endeavors, and offer a shortcut through the often overwhelming world of tech research. By sharing my insights and experiences, I aim to empower professionals and enthusiasts alike to navigate this ever-evolving landscape with confidence and creativity.

This content hub is my way of giving back to the community, fostering a space for learning, growth, and innovation.

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