Hello! I’m Anthony Basker, founder and CEO of Ronins, a digital agency focused on making a positive business change through our work.

I grew up in London and Surrey and have had various roles in information technology all my life. My first job was removing typewriters from offices and installing PCs and i have been lucky enough to have been at the forefront of technology all my life.

In 1999 I found myself working for the ISTD as Head of Information Technology responsible for their network, computers and bespoke software. However once the huge challenge to modernise them has finished i felt as though I needed a fresh challenge. At the same time i happened to be helping a friend recruit for web developer position at this agency adn the discussion soon went to join as a shareholder and we can build somethibgn technical together.

In 2016 we sold that Agency to Interpubluc group and started work on the 5 year earnout targets which at the time we thought we would never achieve. Well in 2021 after acheiving them and more i had another calling for a diffrent challenge.

So, In 2021, I founded Ronins because I wanted to build a company that prioritised business change and impact through digital over profit. As CEO, I oversee our talented team and lead our strategic direction. Technology has always come naturally to me. I’ve been fascinated by computers and software since a young age. I taught myself how to code very early on at the age of 10 and honed my skills by building games and apps for friends and family.

Today, I pride myself on staying on the cutting edge of technological trends and innovations. I enjoy learning new technologies quickly and applying them to help improve business operations and strategy. I’m motivated by the opportunity to use my abilities to help companies adapt and thrive in our increasingly digital world.

My core beliefs

Empowering individuals to reach their full potential, and allowing them to craft their unique paths in their careers, is the guiding light that drives me forward. It is my North Star, my raison d’être.

I believe that every person has the potential to make a profound impact in their field, and it is my mission to create an environment that fosters growth, creativity, and innovation. By giving individuals the freedom to explore their passions and take ownership of their careers, I have seen time and time again the incredible impact they can have on their organisations and the world at large.

This approach has not only led to the growth and success of the individuals I have had the privilege of working with, but it has also had a profound impact on the organisations they have been a part of. By creating a culture of empowerment, I have seen increased engagement, higher levels of innovation, and a more vibrant and dynamic workplace.

Empowering individuals to reach their full potential is not just a buzzword or a business strategy. It is a belief that I hold dear, and a philosophy that has guided me throughout my career.

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I’ll be honest, i love my job, it feels more like a hobby than work and my friends will tell me my laptop is always with me and they can reguarly hear the tapping of the keyboard ( thank god apple fixed that ) but when i relax i am:

A self-confessed coffee aficionado, I take my daily brew seriously. My Italian espresso machine is my pride and joy, allowing me to craft artisanal beverages in the comfort of home. I enjoy learning the subtleties of different beans and honing my barista skills – a relaxing ritual that jumpstarts my mornings.

In my free time, you can often find me awkwardly plucking away at my guitar, subjecting neighbors to my melodic mediocrity. Though I may never headline Coachella, I find joy in the subtle improvements – graduating from two chords to three chords, then daringly to four. My goal is to become a mediocre guitarist before arthritis sets in. Hey, shoot for the stars and you may just land on the moon, right? At least then I can play solo shows for lunar aliens who don’t know any better.

Having been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome at 21, I’ve spent my adulthood pushing against the tiredness that tries to hold me back. I’m proud of mustering the energy to fully pursue my passions despite the challenges. I’ve learned to find a zen state of flow in my hobbies and stimulating activities like reading or traveling.

While I’m not much of a drinker, I’ve come to appreciate the nuances of the new ranges of non-alcoholic beers. I am also constantly seeking new great tasting wines for an everyday household budget. Making wine more accessible.

At my essence, I love soaking up all the world has to offer, from warm sunshine to a good book that transports my mind to new dimensions. I strive to live fully and intentionally each day.


What are your hopes for the future?

Continuing to grow and expand Ronins to drive even more business impact at scale. I am genuinely passionate about using business as a force for good, growth and change

Leveraging emerging technologies in new ways to drive innovation and digital transformation for clients Incorporating cutting-edge tech like AI, VR, blockchain etc.

Mentoring and developing the team at Ronins. As the founder, i am eager to pass on my knowledge and help team members realise their full potential. Seeing people grow is extremely rewarding.

Tackling complex digital projects and campaigns. I love the challenge of taking on ambitious projects and guiding clients through successful digital projects . Big goals keep the work exciting.

Continuously improving your guitar and coffee-making skills during my personal time. I enjoy learning new skills as hobbies, so getting even better at these may be fun future goals.

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Dare to dream, disrupt, and drive impact

Believe in yourself. Work outside of your habits. Know when to speak up. Collaborate. Don’t procrastinate. Keep learning. Form follows function. Find inspiration everywhere. Network. Educate your client. Trust your gut. Ask for help. Learn to take criticism. Make it sustainable. QUESTION EVERYTHING. Have a concept. Make me care. Use spell check. Do your research. Sketch more ideas. The problem contains the solution. Think about all the possibilities.

Lets talk

I’m happy to chat your ear off over coffee! it’s the passion for digital talking. Reach out anytime to schedule a beans, brainstorming & over-caffeination sesh.
0203 239 8650 [email protected]
Give me a call, send an email or send me a message and a I will get right back to you.