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Welcome to a straightforward look at business software, guided by my hands-on experience as founder and CEO of Ronins a dgital agency specialising is creative technology. In my career, I’ve helped various clients effectively use business software to meet their objectives.

Here, I’ll share insights into the vast landscape of business software solutions, crucial for both burgeoning startups and established enterprises. It’s about more than just automation; it’s about revolutionising how we interact with customers, manage operations, and embrace innovation.

Who is this series aimed at

Business Owners

This page offers crucial software reviews, comparisons, and recommendations for SMBs and startups looking to maximize limited resources and budgets. The advice can help them choose solutions to streamline operations without overspending.

Enterprise IT

For large companies, this page provides unbiased perspective and analysis to help IT departments vet options, prove ROI, and select software aligned to corporate needs. The in-depth nature saves them time.

Non-Profit Leaders

Charities and non-profit organisations have unique needs and tight budgets. This site offers tailored guidance on affordable solutions to help manage donors, programs, finances, and volunteering without high costs.


Creating the “Business Software” section on this hub stems from my deep-rooted passion for technology’s role in transforming businesses. With my extensive background as a digital strategist and the founder of a successful digital agency, I have gained a profound understanding of how software can drive business efficiency and innovation. My experiences in developing and implementing various business software solutions have equipped me with a wealth of knowledge and insights.

Through this platform, I aim to share these insights, guiding businesses of all sizes in selecting and utilizing software to achieve their strategic objectives. My objective is clear: to empower businesses with the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in the digital era, drawing from my years of expertise in the field.

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