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Let’s cut to the chase. As the founder of Ronins, a digital agency with a penchant for creative technology, I’ve been living in the world of business software. I’s been a wild ride. My journey started in the DOS days and i have grown up with every version of Microsfot Word available, although i do have nostalgic preference still for WordStar.

In my little corner of the internet, I’m truing to share nuggets of wisdom/experiences on all the tools that i have used. Whether you’re a bright-eyed startup or a seasoned enterprise, the right tools can transform your business from one in crowd to the stand-out leader. And don’t worry, I’ll keep the tech jargon to a minimum – after all, who wants to read a software manual when you could be changing the world?

Who is this series aimed at

Business Owners

Essential advice on selecting business software from a tech-minded CEO. Elevate operations and customer connections effectively, without the jargon.

IT Teams

Expert guidance on choosing business software, aimed at IT teams. Simplify workflows and enhance client interactions smartly, leaving out the complex jargon.


Gain insights on selecting business software tailored for non-profits. Streamline tasks and improve engagement, all while keeping it straightforward and jargon-free.


I’m super passionate about how technology can totally revamp the way we do business. Being a digital strategist and running my own digital agency has given me loads of insights into how the right software can boost efficiency and spark innovation. I’ve had my hands in all sorts of business software magic, and I’ve learned a ton along the way.

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