Getting the most out of your business software takes learning and practice. Our hands-on tutorials break down key applications in easy-to-follow steps so you can maximise value and productivity.

With in-depth guides written by software experts, you’ll be able to master the tools your business relies on.

Software Made Simple

Navigating new software can be frustrating at times.

We make it easy by walking you through real-world use cases from start to finish. Our specialized tutorials include:

Set Up Guides – Get applications configured properly from the start. For example, our HubSpot CRM setup guide covers creating pipelines, rules, and custom fields so your data flows smoothly.

Feature Deep Dives – Learn how to utilize powerful functionalities. Our Asana tutorial dives into building custom interactive Gantt charts to visualize project timelines and identify dependencies.

Work Process Maps – We outline step-by-step workflows to streamline operations. See how to build customer profiles in Salesforce Service Cloud that unify data from email, support tickets, and call logs for personalized service.

Integrations Instructions – Get disparate tools working together. We provide a detailed guide on connecting HubSpot with Mailchimp using Zapier to synchronize contacts and campaign data.

Best Practice Playbooks – Apply expert techniques for everything from QuickBooks accounting to Mailchimp email marketing campaigns. Our “Advanced Email Segmentation” tutorial allows you to track customer behavior and send targeted messages that resonate.

Troubleshooting Drills – When issues arise, we help you triage and fix them. See our guide on diagnosing and resolving the top QuickBooks Online error messages.

Choose from 100+ tutorials that provide the knowledge you need to fully leverage your most important software.


Our CRM software tutorials provide the training you need to tap into these powerful tools to accelerate growth.

Project Management Software

Streamline project execution and team collaboration with our in-depth tutorials for leading project management tools


I aim to make this the #1 destination for software tutorials that provide real value. Help us improve and grow our learning resources by suggesting new topics and applications you want covered.

If you have expertise with a particular business software tool? We welcome contributions from users with insider knowledge. Published contributors get featured on our site and full attribution.

The software landscape evolves so quickly, I can’t provide tutorials for everything without your help. Let me know where you need help developing software skills so we can create guides that meet your real-world needs. Our top priority is building a knowledge base with actionable insights you can apply immediately to be more productive.

Together, we can empower managers and teams with specialised training to master the technology they interact with daily. By sharing your software proficiency goals, we can create step-by-step education that fills any knowledge gaps.

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